Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Griha Pravesh November 2013 dates

Griha Pravesh November 2013 dates are given here. Griha Pravesh is a House warming ceremony, celebrated in India, mainly by Hindus.

November 2013 is Kartik Month / Margashirsha Month as per Hindu calendar.

04th November 2013Monday21:23 to Next Day 06:19Anuradha
09th November 2013Saturday06:21 to 11:48Uttara Ashadha
13th November 2013Wednesday08:27 to 19:11Uttara Bhadrapada
14th November 2013Thursday18:55 to Next Day 06:24Revati
18th November 2013Monday13:30 to Next Day 06:26Rohini
20th November 2013Wednesday06:27 to 18:19Mrigashirsha
27th November 2013Wednesday14:51 to Next Day 06:32Uttara Phalguni
28th November 2013Thursday06:32 to 11:01Uttara Phalguni
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